International Human Rights Advocate

Annika Ojala is an international human rights advocate, public speaker and expert on gender equality, LGBTIQ+ rights and leadership in the digital world.

Ojala currently works as a Rights & Democracy Campaigner for the Greens/EFA Group in the European Parliament. Prior to working at the European Parliament, Ojala worked for the Green Party in Finland, where she co-created three highly successful electoral campaigns, which contributed to the historical rise of women to leadership positions in Finnish government.

Ojala has contributed to numerous projects to support of women’s* leadership and inclusion globally. She has consulted with the OSCE, European Women’s Lobby, Google, and others to co-create transformative solutions to build inclusive and equal communities.

Ojala contributes to national and international political strategies and campaigns, facilitates training sessions, and supports various grassroots activities for social change.

Born in Helsinki, Annika currently lives in Brussels after years lived in Johannesburg and Paris.

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